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Change is happening at JHB

Dear Parents and Students,

After 18 years, it is with great pleasure and confidence I turn over the reins of the principal-ship here at JHB to Mrs. Erica St. Peter. Mrs. St. Peter has served 22 of her 24 years in education right here at the James H. Bean School. She has taught first through sixth grades and has done an impeccable job at each level. So, it is without surprise and with great delight that we welcome her to the next step in leading our beloved JHB school.

Erica earned her Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and most recently earned her Administrative Certificate. Her knowledge of the district and school’s vision will guide our community school into the next phase of education through her collaborative leadership skills. Erica truly has the necessary skills and characteristics to be an effective leader.

She is not only a member of the staff here at JHB, she is a member of the Sidney community, offering a unique lens into the needs and wants of parents, students, teachers and the community at large. Please welcome and congratulate Mrs. St. Peter as she takes on this exciting new role.

Along with my retirement come two key retirements from JHB, having served the Bean School for over a combined half-century! Mrs. Anna Quattrucci (32 years) and Mrs. Jane Hillman (26 years) leave our school after 58 years of total service. Their true legacy is helping the most tangled readers crack the code to the English language. I have been in awe of the work they do and the priceless gift of reading they give to the students of JHB. I thank them for their service and wish them all the very best as they will be missed!

But fear not, as Mrs. Leta Hill will step in next year in her new role as Literacy Interventionist! Mrs. Hill has taught students of JHB for 35 years in her roles as Special Educator, Kindergarten, First and Second grade teacher. She is an accomplished teacher who has consistently advanced her students to grade level and beyond in reading and math. I welcome her into her new role.

As you can see, change is happening here at JHB and I am happy to say it is all good! I am delighted to see those whom I have worked with, mentored, and learned from become the next generation of leaders here at JHB.

Farewell to Anna and Jane and good luck to Erica and Leta. Thank you all, you have served this community well.

With fond memories,

Dr. Nancy Reynolds

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