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Rainforest and Savanna Habitat Learning

Kindergarteners at the James H. Bean School have been learning about the similarities and differences between rainforest and savanna habitats. They have been learning about the characteristics of the animals that live in each habitat and what they need to survive. Kindergarten classrooms were transformed to resemble the habitats. The kindergartners also incorporated their new knowledge of these animals into their opinion writing pieces. Mrs. Johnson’s class wrote an opinion piece revolving around how they felt about jaguars. When learning about the savanna, Ms. Dustin’s class made personal connections, and each student wrote about their opinion of lions. Mrs. Bradstreet’s class compared a rhino and a hippo, and they wrote about who would win if a rhino and a hippo were to fight. Kindergarteners also had their third grade book buddies help them make scarlet macaws. The students have had a lot of fun in this learning experience and are very proud of their work! #WeAreRSU18 #JHBdragons


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