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Showing Gratitude to JHB Staff

During the month of November, Thursdays were known as “Thankful Thursday” at the James H. Bean School. Staff were encouraged to show gratitude to each other in various ways. One of the most enjoyable activities was the annual “Great Turkey Trot.” Each staff member was randomly placed on a team. Ten featherless turkeys were displayed roosting on the bulletin board in the Teacher’s Room. Before getting cozy, these crazy turkeys ran through the building and lost all of their feathers! Each team’s objective was to be on the lookout for turkey feathers throughout the school. When a feather was found, staff members raced to their turkey and gave him back his feather. Each feather was labeled with a team number. If staff found a feather that did not belong to their team, it had to be put back where it was found. Each turkey had 12 feathers. The Turkey Trot began on Monday, November 25 @ 7:00AM and ended Tuesday, November 26 at 2:00PM. The team with the most feathers on their turkey at 2:00 on Tuesday, November 26, won a special prize: their choice of pumpkin, pecan, sweet potato or apple pie! In the end, two teams were able to find all twelve of their turkey’s feathers. So much fun was had by all!

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